Riddell, Lord.


Rep., 1933. Xi + 388 pp., frontis., + 11 photo-plates. Blue cloth; 22 x 14cm. V.G. George Allardice Riddell, 1st Baron, was a Scottish lawyer and newspaper proprietor. Through one of his clients, the Cardiff Western Mail, when working as a solicitor, he became further involved in the newspaper world, at first as legal advisor to the News of the World, later as its chairman. He also became chairman of George Newness, Ltd and was knighted in 1909. During the First World War his work brought him into contact with many famous faces and in 1919 he represented the British press at the Paris peace conference. Lord Riddell kept a diary for sixteen years between 1908 to 1924. This book represents extracts for the war period July 1914 to November 1918. It is of great historical interest as it gives an intimate picture of many of the leading figures in the Great War, and at the same time it explains the conditions under which the Press worked.

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