Toller, Jane.


Cambridge, The Golden Head Press, 1st.ed., 1965. 36 pp., 13 photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Spine of d.j., slightly chipped at the top o/w FINE Between 1756 and 1815 there were several thousand French and Dutch prisoners-of-war - later Americans too - confined in numerous British prisons, in hulks, and on parole. Each prison had a market within its gates to which local farmers and tradesmen brought goods for sale and prisoners made a great variety of items in order to make money to buy food and clothes to improve their meagre rations. They were located as far apart as Dartmoor to Edinburgh; Liverpool to Yarmouth. This book gives a brief description of some of the fine items made by our unwilling guests. They include straw-work, bone-work, wood-work, rolled and cut-paper work, horn-work, thread-lace, hair-work, bank-note forging, coining, indecent-toys, etc. Illustrated with 13 photographs.

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