Rofe, Cyril.


1st ed., 1956. 319 pp., e.p. maps. D.j., 20 x 14cm. V.G.+. When the author became a P.O.W. at Stalag VIIIB, Lamsdorf, Upper Silesia, his one ambition was to escape. Twice he managed to escape but twice he was recaptured. The story of his third escape after three years is a most remarkable one. In civilian clothes he and a Palestinian companion walked casually away from a working party and made contact with the Polish partisans. The author thought his troubles were over but a Cossack major told him they were surrounded by five German divisions. The final charge on horseback through the German lines to reach the main Russian forces provided an astonishing climax. The story of a brave young Jew who stood up to the Germans, even when recapture might have meant consignment to a concentration camp from which few Jews lived.

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