Perret, Geoffrey.


1st ed., 1996. Xviii + 663 pp., photo-plates + maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. This is the first complete and accurate account of MacArthur’s tumultuous military career and his failed presidential ambitions based on much new material including MacArthur’s official military records, reports, correspondence and diaries. The author reveals the truth about many issues for the first time: The famous Pershing-MacArthur feud that cost MacArthur the Medal of Honour in World War I and later led to his banishment to Manila. MacArthur’s role in evicting the Bonus Army of unemployed protesters from Washington in 1932. Why MacArthur’s air force was wiped out at Clark Field after receiving the warning from Pearl Harbour. The notorious payment of $500,000 to MacArthur shortly before his daring escape from the Philippines. MacArthur’s controversial role in Pacific War strategy. MacArthur’s successes and failures in the Occupation of Japan. The brilliant landing at Inchon, masterminded by MacArthur. The Crucial Wake Island conference between Truman and MacArthur, and Truman’s decision to relieve MacArthur of all his commands. These, and many more subjects, are given new authoritative ground in this landmark biography.

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