Melling, Leonard.


Manchester, 1st ed., 1955. 172 pp., 16 photo-plates + 1 other plate; e.p. maps. Green cloth; gilt title worn; 21 x 14cm. Gilt title rubbed o/w V.G. After the successful conclusion of the Sicilian campaign the 8th Army turned its attention to the Italian mainland. On 3rd September, 1943, Operation "Buttress" began, and troops of 13 Corps, 5th British and 1st Canadian Divisions landed on the toe of Italy. On 9th September the 5th Army, which comprised American Divisions and British 10th Corps, composed of 46th and 56th Divisions and later the 7th Armoured Division, landed at Salerno to begin a desperate battle. The primary main objective of this was the great port of Naples which was needed for use as a base for future large-scale operations. After the successful spring offensive, which resulted in smashing the Gustav and Hitler lines, the main army was joined by the Anzio Diversionary Force. After Rome fell the two armies went their distinctive separate ways, the 5th Army, chiefly American, taking on the Mediterranean sector, and the 8th Army operating on the Adriatic flank. The first part of this book, written by a member of the 8th Army, summarises the winter campaign and gives a brief outline of some of the experiences of an infantryman of the 56th (London) Division, at that time in the 5th Army. The main story is taken up from the more personal angle after the fall of Rome.

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