Kershaw, Ian.


1st ed., 2000. Xlvi + 1115 pp., 93 photo-plates + 8 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. This is the definitive account of Hitler that allows us to understand both the dictator himself and the society that made him. Perhaps this book's greatest achievement is to make clear the often conflicting dynamics that led from the seemingly stable, successful Germany of 1937 to the brutalized military state of the 1940's. By concentrating on the figure of Hitler, the author both gives an immediacy and texture to these terrible events and shows the options available to Germany and its ruler at each point in the unfolding disaster. At the heart of the book lies Hitler's decision to unleash annihilatory war in the East and the terrifying new moral universe this brought into being: the degradation of enemies into 'beasts' and the hatching of the 'Final Solution'. A highly acclaimed biography.

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