Forty, George.


1st ed., 1997. 254 pp., several photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. In this thorough study, the author shows how Rommel used the various forces he was asked to command; describes their structure, their equipment and weaponry; the officers and how they worked with their commanders; and how the armies were deployed. In assessing the armies of Rommel we first see the triumph of the blitzkrieg in France. At the fall of France Hitler chose Rommel to lead the Afrika Korps and sent him to Libya to assist Mussolini’s stricken forces. Now the ‘Desert Fox’ was unleashed, and the author gives an authoritative perspective on how the skilled use of the Axis troops saw them severely test their opponents until the Allied weight of numbers brought a reversal of fortunes. Prior to the inevitable German defeat in Africa, Rommel was withdrawn to Europe, where he was asked to assist in fortifying the coasts of France ahead of the expected Allied invasion.

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