Barzilay, David.


Two Volumes of Three. Vol. I: Belfast, 2nd rep., 1977. 254 pp., a wealth of photo-ills., + 3 maps. Vol. II: Belfast, rep., 1977. 256 pp., profusely illustrated with photo-ills. Both Vols: D.j.’s; 25 x 19cm. Repair to d.j., on Vol. II o/w V.G.+. Theses two volumes give an insight into Army life in Ulster during the disturbances that began in 1969, illustrated with a wealth of previously unpublished photographs. The first volume takes up the Ulster story a few hours before troops were deployed in August 1969, after serious disorder in Belfast and Londonderry. It describes and depicts the weapons of the IRA, the guns, the bombs and the booby traps, and the weapons that the Army used in reply, the controversial CS gas, rubber bullets and armoured vehicles. The second volume covers the period from August 1973 to October 1975. In both volumes several individual Army units are examined. They describe how several military operations were mounted and planned and there are chapters on Bomb Disposal, the Royal Army Medical Corps, Helicopters, Intelligence and a Diary of Events.

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